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OwnerMichel Laverdure
LocationLongueuil, Quebec Canada map
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Vehicle1999 Ford Ranger EV OEM
NiMH Battery pack.
4th generation Pickup truck,
production vehicle by Ford.
MotorSiemens Type 1 PV5133-4WS20W11 3-Phase AC
Mfg. By Siemens A.G. for Ford
90 HP 67 kW 13,000 RPM max
DrivetrainSingle speed ratio 12.518:1,
Rear motor, single-speed transaxle, rear wheel drive
300 Amp with regen, up to about 350v
Mfg. By Siemens A.G. for Ford
Batteries25 Panasonic EV-M95, 12.00 Volt, Nickel-Metal Hydride
1050 Pounds mounted in composite box between frame rails
Volts dc Empty 280Vdc - Full 350Vdc
System Voltage300 Volts
5.5 kW on-board Avcon 240 VAC inlet individual battery monitoring/balancing
Heater2 stage electric resistance (PTC) with automatic climate control

Assisted by an ESPAR Diesel D1LC compact Air Heater to reduce load on battery in winter.
DC/DC ConverterLambda 100A Water cooled
Ford OEM Mfg. by Lambda
Instrumentationa) speedometer
b) miles to empty
c) "fuel" gauge
d) system temperature
e) warning lights for: "on" indicator, low charge, power limit, malfunction, charging, etc.
Top Speed75 MPH (120 KPH)
Limited to 60 MPH (100 KPH)in Economic mode with regeneration
Acceleration0-50 MPH in 12.5 sec
Range80 Miles (128 Kilometers)
The range varies with driving condition & outside temperature
(-40F to +90F in Montreal)
In very cold winter like February 2007
(Down to -4F, with a month constantly under 14F)
The range went down to 50 miles/charge.
Otherwise the range is 68(+ or - 12) miles/charge.
Watt Hours/Mile239 Wh/Mile
Summer 220Wh/Mile Winter 250Wh/Mile

For a less then the price of 1 Liter of gas $0.77 to $1.49(variation over the last 12 month) in Montreal, QC, Canada

I get 26KWH of electricity
Hydro Quebec rate in summer is $0.0408/KWH
In winter with temperature below -12C/10F
The rate goes up to $0.1727/KWH (ouch!!!)

Quebec electricity is 96% clean and improving.
With a primarily hydroelectric production.
1 nuclear, 3 gas turbine, 1 thermal stations, and wind farms.
EV Miles
Start:9,526 Miles (15,327 Kilometers)
Current:40,389 Miles (64,985 Kilometers)
Total:30,863 Miles (49,658 Kilometers)
    As of 5/29/2012
Seating Capacity2-bench seat. Driver 60% + passenger 40%

Can accommodate 2 adults and 1 child
Or 3 intimates adults.
Not very confortable in the middle.
Curb Weight4,100 Pounds (1,863 Kilograms)
GVWR: 5350 Pounds
Payload: 1250 Pounds
TiresIn summer
Uniroyal Tigerpaw LRR (50 psi)
original OEM installed

In Winter
Michelin X-Ice (50 psi)

Because it is now a law to have winter tire in Quebec
Conversion CostThis is not a conversion but a Ford OEM

Got the truck from the winner of
the Crown Asset disposal sale
for $6669.69 CAD + TPS + TVQ
Total around $9300.00 CAD

A very good bargain if you consider the original price of
$50000.00 US or $80000.00 CAD.

Payed by the Canadian government in 1999
Additional Features- Economy mode to increase range
- Variable regenerative braking
- Variable assist electro-hydraulic power steering
- Sanden electric air conditioning
- Four wheel power ABS disc brakes
- Tilt steering
- Dual 2nd generation air bags
- Alloy wheels
- The DeDion rear axle.
- Steel leaf springs
- Tonneau cover
- Full ODB2 diagnostics
The idea of getting my self an EV started in the fall of 2004.
After an exile of 5 years. Working in IT maintenance,
for Computer Sciences Corporation (P&WC IT outsourcer).
I was back with Pratt & Whitney Canada, as a machine tools maintenance specialist.
In the electronic maintenance department.

The EV is dedicated to be a gift to myself, for my 50th birthday. In 5 year's.

I had the choice of doing a conversion from an ICE vehicle.
Or to get a used OEM made one and fix it.

So in May of 2005, I contacted the Montreal 2000 EV project manager.
To find out what was appending with the project 24 vehicles. (16 Ford Ranger EV,3 Ford Th!nk city,3 Solectria Force,1 Solectria Citivan,1 Solectria conversion)

This is how I found out that Transport Canada had a defective truck ready to be sent to the Crown Assets disposal sale.

The truck was part of the Montreal 2000 Electric Vehicle 3 year's test project.

Transport Canada decided not to have the truck fix.
When it had a battery-charging problem.
The Repair estimate were $7000.00 for parts + $3000.00 labor.
By the Montreal Ford dealer

So the truck ended up at the Crown Assets Disposal sale in Oct 2005.

I'm now the new owner of the truck since October 19, 2005.
And it became my 45th year birthday gift.

My expanse to fix the EV charging problem
Are $850.00 US for the battery that I replace.
And 3 week's of work after hours.
To do a full maintenance of the battery box.
- Cleaned all 500-battery post & connector.
- Replace battery #19 because it had a weak cell.
- Root cause of the charging problem. A defective fuse holder inside the contactor box module. (25A charger fuse)

The truck is back on the road since October 16, 2006
2005 Gas cost for my ICE car were $1433.64 for 9150Km

After driving the EV truck for a year.
I've used my ICE car less then 5 times.
(Once to go to New Orleans and back "3367 Miles/5420 KM")

The total cost in electricity for driving the EV over 11860 Km is $250.41 including taxes.
It also cost me $78.00 for the diesel use to heat the cabin with the auxiliary heating system.
For a total of $328.41.
An economy of $1105.23 over last year.

I've reduced my greenhouse gas emissions by 3 metric tons/years.
A reduction of ~24.6% compare to the Quebec per capita CO2 emission of 12.2 tons in 2003 best province in Canada.
And thanks to the oil sand extraction in Alberta where the per capita CO2 emission is over 71.2 tons in 2003.
My reduction is only ~16.7% compare to the Canadian per capita CO2 emission of 17.89 tons in 2003.

So far so good. 31000 Km / 19262 Miles
It took me 16 month to cover the same distance that the previous owner did in 5 years (15327 KM).
Not even one problem, the more I use the truck the better it runs.

May 26, 2008
Big decision over the weekend, I got rid of my ICE car. My oldest son needed a new car. And since I had not driven my ICE car my self for over a year. My youngest son was using it for the winter or the oldest son could borrow it when he had problem with his own car.

Good news. Since September 2, 2008
I can now charge my truck at work.
Special thanks to Mr. John Saabas (Executive Vice President P&WC, then. Now President of P&WC since Jan 2009)
Whom I did have a little talk with, at the Christmas 2007 cafe clash.

January 19, 2008 just pass the 25000 miles (40225 KM) mark
February 3, 2010 just pass the 30000 miles (48501 KM)
March 20, 2010 just pass the 49000KM (30500 Miles)

April 16, 2010 Almost at 50000KM (31069 Miles)
Disaster!!! I broke the rear-right axle. This is the result of hitting the sidewalk last winter in a skid. Was able to find a replacement part in EUGENE,OREGON. Thanks to Lanny.

May 17, 2010 Just received the De-Dion Tube replacement part.

May 20, 2010 On the road again.

June 3, 2010 Today I just pass the 50000KM.
September 13, 2011. Passing the 60000KM mark (37282 Miles)
Mai 2012 getting to the 65000KM mark.(40389 Miles)

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