Motor BayBootController
OwnerChristopher Grilli
Owner's Other EVsFordson Dexta Tractor
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
2013 Austin J40
LocationLondon, England United Kingdom map
Vehicle1998 Fiat Cinquecento
5 seater.
MotorNelco N132 Series Wound DC
Seems to be doing very well,, considering i pulled it out of a forkilift and its rated at 45v.
DrivetrainStandard 5 speed manual with clutch removed.
ControllerZapi H2 600
Blew it up during development. Popped a good few caps and FETS by cranking the current right up. Until I get a new motor, i will run at 300Amps Max.
Batteries8 other Deep Cycle Leisure, 12.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, Flooded
For my first attempt I'm using Flooded Lead Acid batteries designed as Leisure Batteries. Hopefully these will last a good few months. They weigh 30kgs (60lbs) each.
System Voltage96 Volts
ChargerZivan N3G
Works OK, not had any problems with it.
Heater240v mains heater on timer to warm it up in the mornings before I get in. Then 2 x 12v 150W ceramic heaters in place of the original matrix. They do warm the air a little, but I'm only doing short journeys, so it should be fine, until I get a 96v ceramic heater in there.
DC/DC Converter
85Ah wet lead acid deep cycle battery fitted. All electrics run fine off this. It is charged by on-board 12v charger
InstrumentationUsing the Electrofit Zapi Console, for the moment.
Top Speed62 MPH (99 KPH)
A mightily impressive 62mph! Was expecting about 40mph, but it kept pulling!
AccelerationActually quite good, even with the current set to minimum (300Apms) its more than enough. Easily keeps up with and passes traffic.
Range25 Miles (40 Kilometers)
At least 25 miles, but I have no instrumentation to tell me DOD. Batteries sag, so battery instantaneous voltage it not a real measurement. I'll do more testing.
EV Miles
Start:45,708 Miles (73,544 Kilometers)
Current:45,822 Miles (73,727 Kilometers)
Total:114 Miles (183 Kilometers)
    As of 6/8/2013
Seating Capacity5 adults
Curb Weight2,000 Pounds (909 Kilograms)
Estimated to be 1000kg all up weight.
Tires175/65 R13, which are the wrong ones for the car, but might actually be better, due to the extra mass. Running at 45 psi
Conversion Time78 man hours all in. Not bad for a first attempt.
Additional FeaturesKept vac assited pumps and just fitted a Volvo Vac pump. Brakes are pretty good.
Controller needs extra ventilation/fanning as it gets up to 60 degrees C.

code by jerry