OwnerAndrew Cameron
Owner's Other EV2006 Yamaha XV250
LocationOverland Park, Kansas United States map
Vehicle2007 Nirve Deviate Chopper
New Nirve Deviate Chopper purchase on Ebay for $160
MotorCrystalyte X5 5404 Brushless DC
Electric Rider's Crystalyte Phoenix Cruiser Model Front Wheel on a 26" Rim
DrivetrainPedals and standard bicycle chain
ControllerCrystalyte CT4840
Electric Rider's Crystalyte 48V 40A Phoenix Speed Controller
Batteries8 Universal Batteries UB-12100-S, 12.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, AGM
8 - 12v 10Ah wired in series and parallel for 48v 20 Ah pack. The 8 Batteries are stored in the Saddle Bags (4 in each). Total battery weight 56 lbs. Will be switching to 2 FORSEN Lithium 24v 30Ah packs with battery management and charger
System Voltage48 Volts
ChargerSoneil 4808SRF
48v 3.5Ah - Got it on Ebay for $60. Bike charges up from 100% drain in about 4 to 5 hours.
InstrumentationWatts Up meter with Volts, Amps, Amps/hour and Watts/hour. Sigma Sport BC906 Wired Bike Computer with Current speed, Max speed, Avg speed, Speed comparison, trip distance, total distance, clock, Ride timer, Total ride time. 2 LED Black Spike Light Clip-on Booklight to light up the meter and bike computer at night
Top Speed30 MPH (48 KPH)
level pavement, no wind
Acceleration0-30 in 15 seconds
Range15 Miles (24 Kilometers)
Pedal help on steep hills and coasting on the downhill - Throttle at 100%. At 50% throttle and pedaling range is 25 miles.
Watt Hours/Mile128 Wh/Mile
EV Miles
Current:76 Miles (122 Kilometers)
Seating Capacity1 adult
Curb Weight150 Pounds (68 Kilograms)
Weight will drop to 125 lbs. when lithium batteries replace the SLA's
TiresFront: 26 x 2.125 Kenda
Rear: 24 x 3.0 Kenda
Both front and rear tires have tire liners. The front tube is a Slime Thorn Resistant Bicycle-Tube. The rear tube is an extra thick wall Intense Black Rubber Downhill 24 x 3.
Conversion Time3 weeks
Conversion Cost$1500
Additional FeaturesHad to custom build caliper brakes for the front and back. Used Bulldog brakes on the front and found a set of side pull caliper brakes at a local bike shop for the back. The front required cushioned clamps and brackets to attach the caliper brake to the forks. The back required brackets to extend the brake holders so the pads could reach the 24 inch wheel. The brake pads on the back are taken from a set of MTB "V" type brakes bought online at Niagra Bicycle. I have also added Gull Wing Handlebars, 9 inch side mirror, Hard leather Motorcycle Saddle Bags, Fix-a-flat for bicycles, Front Bullet headlight with dual high and low beam wired directly to a main battery (switched out bulbs to 14.4v from radio shack), Rear Cateye TL-LD1000 blinker light, Tubus Cargo Rear Bicycle Rack with a capacity of 90 lbs. bought from thetouringstore.com, Heavy duty Traditional 26" Axel Kickstand, a rubber tie down from a hardware store used as a handle for picking up the back end to set and release the kick stand, chrome valve covers with faux red diamonds, THE BIG ONE!! seat from seatguy.com EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE, chrome pedals, and a custom faux license plate for Kansas from Ebay member minipl8s (also getting one for California and Florida because I will be moving to either in the future and want to have each available)
This is my second electric vehicle and it handles better than the motorcycle "ECYCL" I built. This is because I have place the batteries in the saddle bags at the height of the axles on the bike. The center of gravity is nearly perfect for the bike and it handles fantastically. The ride is awesome with the help of the really soft gel and suspended seat. there is no other suspension on the front, back or on the seat post and it still rides and handles like a dream. Acceleration is good for a bicycle and it can climb any hill without pedaling (range goes down when doing this) The lithium batteries I will be adding will bump the range from 15 miles to 25 miles or more. The brakes on the front and back plus the use of the coaster brake can stop the vehicle from 30 mph in about 20 ft. The front and rear caliper brakes are not capable of locking up for safety reasons (controllability) I get a lot of looks from people trying to figure out if it is a bicycle or motorcycle or what???

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