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OwnerMark Eidson
LocationTempe, Arizona United States map
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Vehicle2007 Custom
Single passenger motorcycle. Unique suspension with a single air shock shared between front and rear wheels. Commuter vehicle.
Aluminum Tube Frame 1-5/8 .125 wall
Yamaha R1 Wheels and brakes
Air Ride Shockwave 9000 air shock

MotorAdvanced DC L91-4003 Series Wound DC
Configured for Clockwise Rotation
DrivetrainBelt drive between motor and jack shaft. Chain drive between jack shaft and rear wheel. 4.736:1 overall reduction ratio between motor and rear wheel
ControllerCafe Electric Zilla -1K
5K ohm twist grip throttle. Acetone heat pipe to transmission oil radiator cooling.
Batteries6 Hawker Odyssey PC1500T, 12.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, AGM
Group 34
47.3 A for 1 Hour to 10.02 V
400 Cycles to 80% DOD
49.5 lbs
System Voltage72 Volts
ChargerOdyssey OMAX 25A -1B
Individual charger-monitor per battery.
DC/DC ConverterSevcon 622/11086
72/80 300W. This unit drops out for 330ms if the input voltage drops below 60V. To prevent this I have set the Zilla to limit the batrtery voltage sag to 63V.
Top Speed52 MPH (83 KPH)
Speed limited by gear ration and batterhy voltage
AccelerationLimited by voltage sag. Congtroller limit set to 63V to prevent DC-DC dropout.
Range30 Miles (48 Kilometers)
I've noticed a reduction in range when th eweather gets cold, below 50F here in AZ.
Watt Hours/Mile87 Wh/Mile
Based on a 12.80 mile round trip commute and a battery charger indication of 65% SOC after the trip.
EV Miles
Current: Miles (0 Kilometers)
    As of 12/5/2008
Seating Capacity1 adult
Curb Weight550 Pounds (249 Kilograms)
300# Batteries
82# Motor

TiresYZR1 wheels and tires front and rear.
Conversion Time10 months. 8 month wait for Zilla.
Conversion Cost$6200
There is no instrumentation or on board battery charger. I occasionally connect up my laptop to the Zilla and dosome data logging. I have been commuting to work for 16 months as of 12/3/08. Charging time is about 2.5 hours. Normal commute round trip of 13.5 miles draws the batteries down to 55-60% SOC according to the battery charger/monitor. The longer 22 mile round trip gets them down to 40% SOC. The Zilla controller starts backing off on power when the battery voltage gets to about 50V. I can really feal this on the long round trip when it is cold now that the batteries are gong on 2 years, one is a year older and I think it is the culpriate for the loss of performance......I might add another battery, 7 total, to compensate.

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