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LocationLeuven, Brabant Belgium map
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Vehicle1999 Peugeot
An other vehicle of the Brussels fire brigade.
MotorLeroy Somer Separately Excited DC
DrivetrainLeroy Somer planetary gears together with
differential in the motor case. Non shifting
All in electric box from Sagem.
Batteries27 Saft saft STM 100, 6.00 Volt, Nickel-Cadmium, Flooded
System Voltage162 Volts
Very fast (hot after about 2 min.) Not as hot as
an ICE driver is used to.
DC/DC ConverterSagem
Top Speed63 MPH (101 KPH)
Exactly 100kph
Acceleration0 to 50 kph in 8 seconds.
Seems slow, but is enough in most cases.
Range60 Miles (96 Kilometers)
Easy driving does more than 100 km.
EV Miles
Current:130 Miles (209 Kilometers)
    As of 6/21/2017
Seating Capacity2 plus very large trunk
Curb Weight0
1400kg (about as much as the diesel version)
Additional FeaturesElectric windows, brakes, steering,
remote controlled locks, stereo with mp3
SOLD!! To new loving owner as hobby car.

Due to life changing and no more use for this car.
Batteries included and still good.
Range:60 km if you are realy unlucky. 100 km in summer if you are
Everything on this car works, but I admit it does not look good. There
are dents and scratches everywhere and there is corrosion under the
Radio with two speakers; FM, AM, cd, mp3, dual electric windows,
electric mirror, webasto heater, bay liner ...
New front tires installed last week.

I also have the TEP92 on-board test unit (in Dutch) needed to reset
maintenance indicator! And a full workshop manual (in French).

code by jerry