Rear ViewTop ViewMotor Mount
OwnerJake Saunders
Owner's Other EVPocket Bike
LocationWellington, Wellington New Zealand map
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Vehicle2007 Mini Dirt Bike
MotorUnite Motor 1000w Running At 36v And Soon At 48v Permanent Magnet DC
ControllerNavitas TSP 36-48 Volt 200 amp
Batteries3 Maplin 12 amp X 2, 12.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, AGM
And then one 35 amp 12v battery for extra amps.
System Voltage36 Volts
Charger 12 Volt X 3
8 amp 12v single battery charger
Instrumentation36v LED battery meter, speedometer, odometer,keyed ignition.
Top Speed30 MPH (48 KPH)
Estimated. At 36v should go about 25-35. At 24v it goes at 15-20 mph, under powering it.
AccelerationNot Calculated Yet.
Range7 Miles (11 Kilometers)
EV Miles
Start:100 Miles (160 Kilometers)
Current:39 Miles (62 Kilometers)
Total:-61 Miles (-98 Kilometers)
Seating Capacity1 adult
TiresCheap Chinese ones which came with the original petrol one.
Conversion Time4 months
Conversion Cost$900
Around about including everything.
Additional FeaturesUPDATE: the frame broke in two places on the frame so its gonna be needed to be welded back together and then reinforced. Also a Suzuki TSX50 might be the next conversion in the near future.
It's actually quite interesting how EVs work so well. The good acceleration and torque is amazing!!! What is also great is that I'm (I think) the only person to have made an EV and converted a loud, dirty petrol motorbike into a nice, clean, powerful bike in my area. I am (I hope) one of the youngest persons in the world to have converted one and ended up with better performance.
p.s I'm 14 years old!!!

Thanks for reading my Page. I would be happy if some people would send me an email commenting on what I have done or improvements.

Thanks again

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