OwnerNikki Gordon-Bloomfield
(former owner, EV has been sold)
Owner's Other EVsSakura Pedalec Electric Scooter/Bike
1998 City El
2011 Nissan Leaf
Ego Helio (Ego Cycle 2)
1984 Volkswagen CityStromer (Golf Mk II)
2002 REVA (G-Wiz)
2013 Nissan LEAF
LocationHillsboro, Oregon United States map
Web/EmailWebPage email image
Vehicle2004 Toyota Prius (Plus)
Converted in 2009 using two additional OEM Toyota Prius
battery modules.
MotorToyota 3-Phase AC
DrivetrainStandard Toyota OEM Prius drivetrain
Denso/Toyota OEM controller with additional BMS+ by
Batteries28, 7.20 Volt, Nickel-Metal Hydride
Three OEM Panasonic Prius (2004-2009) packs in parallel to
give a total of 19.5 Ah at 201V.

System Voltage201 Volts
ChargerZivan NG3-SX
Zivan charger with OEM SX curve as designed for NiMH
batteries by Zivan.
InstrumentationOEM stock instrumentation, plus CanView V3+ with serial
interface and OEM touch screen integration. Mac Mini to
monitor batteries while charging and to provide music on
long trips!
Top Speed110 MPH (176 KPH)
110 mph only possible with gas assistance.

30mph in electric mode - plans to include a cut-off switch to
enable high speed 50 mph EV use
Acceleration0-30 in a few seconds. 0-60 in about 8-9 seconds.
Range10 Miles (16 Kilometers)
10 miles EV only range - sub 30mph. Plans to hack a high-
speed stealth switch in the future to allow sub 50mph EV
Seating CapacityFive
Conversion TimeA few months of work, equating to three day's work straight.
Until I can buy an OEM EV with the range and acceleration this is my primary vehicle. I
had to sell my City El EV to purchase something with a higher top speed. I have my eyes
set on the iMiev, which is due later this year. The Prius will probably get sold then as I
hate the fact that I had to take a step back after two years of pure electric motoring!

UPDATE: July 2009.

Unfortunately my Prius suffered a catastrophic battery short at the end of June, causing
one of the batteries to gas severely and explode.

As a consequence the car has been written off, and crushed as a category B write-off. It
is not even allowed for the car to be broken up for parts. It had to be crushed.

I'm sad to see this happen, but unfortunately we had no choice. We're hoping that any
bad experiences we had in this early prototype will be ironed out for future conversions.

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