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LocationMesquite, Texas United States map
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Vehicle1987 Toyota Celica GT Convertible
Going to be my to and from work car and maybe to the store to do the shopping.
MotorAdvanced DC FB1-4001a Series Wound DC
Drivetrain5 Speed Manual. Clutchless
ControllerKelly KDH12800B
Kelly 24-120V 800A Programmable
Batteries10 Universal Power UB121100 110 AH, 12.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, AGM
UB-121100 Universal Battery 12 Volt 110 Amp Hr.
System Voltage120 Volts
ChargerQuick Charge Octopus Multi Battery
6Ax10. This will charge each battery at the same time indvidualy.
Instrumentation500Amp Gauge and 120v meter.
Top Speed60 MPH (96 KPH)
I was able to do this after 15 miles of driving on the 9 batteries. Did not do it for long, about 2 miles. No need to do it very often because I would mainly be using city streets.
AccelerationVery good, enough to not be a problem for others behind me. With the Controller turned up and in first gear, I can get a scratch. I haven't pushed it though.
RangeUnknown at this time.
Watt Hours/MileWe will see.
EV Miles
Start:254,590 Miles (409,635 Kilometers)
Current:255,082 Miles (410,426 Kilometers)
Total:492 Miles (791 Kilometers)
Seating Capacity1 Adult and three little one's or 2 Adult's and two little one's. I wouldn't put any adult in the back, that's just mean.
Curb Weight2,800 Pounds (1,272 Kilograms)
This was the old weight, hoping to stay under the old weight. Any sugestions on where to I can go to find out?
Conversion Time160 Hrs from start to finish Not including lack of sleep thinking how to put it all together.
Conversion Cost$400. so far. (cost of car)
$250 in parts to repair car
$1595.00 for ADC Motor
$899.00 for quick Charger
$725.00 for the Adaptor Plate
$2215.44 for the new set of 10 Batteries
$297.00 for battery cables and connectors.
$1399.00 for Kelly Controller
$159.00 for Contactor
Additional Featurespower windows, power convertable top, (needs new pump) AC that actualy works just not connected to the motor yet.

For you all that are following along, I hope you learn from my mistakes and if you have any questions I will be happy to help you. A special Thanks to the Dallas EV Club www.nteaa.org/
I decided to upgrade the cables to 2/0 gauge to see if that makes a difference and it did not. At this point I am not able to go any further with this project and have to sell it. All the batteries have tested to be good.

I don't know if I have a problem or not but I am not able to get the 19 miles I did when I had the batteries installed. I am lucky if I get 13-15 miles on a charge. I have to see what changed since then.

Last month I drove it in cold weather and barely made it to work because of the shortend range from the batteries being cold. So I waited until the weather got better. Well it did and my amp and volt gauges are now installed in the dash so I can now see what kind of amps I am pulling while driving. I got the top down and will enjoy my drive home.

Two weeks ago I took it all apart to get the Trans all sealed up, found a few leaks and we can't have that. Put it all back together last weekend and have been driving it to work every day. I still need to build the battery racks, hopefuly I can soon.

Happy belated New Year..
Well, I have been driving it off and on to work and they are all suprised that it has such a good take off and how quite it is. I have alot to do to make it better. I plan on making the battery racks for the front then the back around the first of Feb. I also have to find out what my adaptor disk is rubbing on, when I let off the accelerator I have a metal rubbing sound.

I was able to get 15 miles on Friday night and then had to take one battery out until a get a better layout under the hood. Then I was able to get 19 miles Saterday night after tweeking the controller a bit. I then drove to chruch on Sunday which is 10.5 miles away then made it back on the same 9 batteries.

Once I get better placement for the batteries up front I will be running just 9 for now. I should have no problem getting to work on that and when I add the 10 battery I should be able to get about 25 mile per charge.

I am starting to get that EV Grin and it feels great.

I was able to get 8 in the back but will have to take 2 out later because it's just way to much weight. I was able to make a tempary solution up front to hold 2 of them so I can get on the road. I will be testing tonight to see what my range is and then take it out tomorrow to the EV meeting.

For you all that are following along, I hope you learn from my mistakes and if you have any questions I will be happy to help you.

Picking up my new batteries today so the old ones will be taken out tonight and new ones put in. I will have to put 6 in the back and 4 up front. This should be better.

After getting some advice from the Dallas EV club I adjusted my throttle pot box to remove any dead area. Also put a thicker extension cord for the charger. I will have to add another 10 batteries to get me more distence. Getting closer

Got the new controller and after going 5 miles I thought things were looking up. I started to loose power but I think it was from my batteries this time. They were fully charged but I should have gotten at least 15 miles before loosing power. I have to see if I have a bad battery in my pack.

Well I got with Kelly and they let me upgrade my controller so I will have my KDH12800B tomorrow and get it installed Sat. Morning.

Well, I was able to drive about 2 miles and started to have problems with the Kelly Controller. I was able to get about 10 miles on about 50% of my charge but this was with alot of starting and stoping. I found out from Kelly that the Controller is to small and that we will be upgrading it to a larger one. It seams that I was over heating it and the controller was protecting it by cutting the amps and volts to the motor. So another setback but should be replaced this week so hopefully a good weekend.

Over the weekend I was able to drive it and it was great, got the car inspected and on the way home I started to run out of juce and almost didn't make it home. Well today I was checking my battery pack and found that I had two bad ones and that four were not charge all the way when I left for the inspection.

Got all the hardware mounted, all I have to do is connect all the cables and wires and we are ready for a test drive.

The controller and contactor just came in so tonight I will be installing them and hopefully get to connect it all tomorrow night.

Decided to put all ten batteries in the trunk so I got that all installed and straped down. All I have to do with them is connect all the cables when ready. Made my tray under the hood that will hold the controller and contactor when it comes in. Once I have those parts this week I will be hooking it all up and start with 36 volts and see how it all works. Got measurements for the brackets that will hold the AC, Alternator and motor mount. I will be connecting all that next weekend.

Almost there.

Bought 100 ft. of 2 gauge welders cable cut up all the connections I needed for the batteries. I will be running the two leads from the trunk to the front this weekend.

It took Sat and Sunday to trim down my plate adaptor and to get it in the car but it's in. I will be working on the rest over the next two weeks.

Went to the Dallas EV club meeting and found that the 55 AH batteries might not be enought for the distance I am looking for. So I am looking to see if I have room for 10 more batteries so I can have two packs of 10. This should give me 110 AH. If I do this it will be in phase 2. Also working out the mounts for the AC and Alternator.

Got the batteries in and laying out the trunk for 6 of them. Looks like I will have lot's of room for the charger and my full size spare.

I made the Power plug that is accesable via ex-gas tank door. (now called the AC Door) I also made the throttle mount and just have to find a place to put it. I will be ordering my Adaptor plate Tues. and should have it back with in two weeks.
My batteries will be in tomorrow and I can start to arrange them for the best possible fit.

Just ordered my Motor, charger and other small items and will have the controller with in the next three weeks.

Just got the engine out, boy 104 heat, glad that's done. I will be cleaning all that greas and grim out over the next few weeks and getting some mock ups to figure out were it all will go.

I just picked this up last week. I removed the gas tank and part of the exhaust and some of the engine parts so far.

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