Before...The scooter without components in place My new battery boxEtek motorThe finished scooter
OwnerToby Ricco
Owner's Other EVsCustom Electric kart
Custom Electric Scooter Version 1
Indoor Electric Kart (Made for Rick Gaan)
Custom Electric Shifter Kart
Lithium-Iron-Phosphate High Output Scooter
LocationLos Gatos, California United States map
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Vehicle Custom Electric Scooter Version 2
MotorBriggs and Stratton Etek
This scooter is exactly the same as version 1, however I have installed an Etek motor to use my batteries and controller to their full potential.
Batteries4, 12.00 Volt,
System Voltage48 Volts
Top Speed30 MPH (48 KPH)
The top speed is somewhere between 30mph, but it can maintain over 20mph going up a 20% grade with two people (300+ lbs) on it.
AccelerationVery fast, can wheelie
Range20 Miles (32 Kilometers)
About an hour of driving
Seating Capacity2 people standing
Curb Weight120 Pounds (54 Kilograms)
Conversion Cost$1200
The Etek I used was fried so I consider it to be free... My friend and I fixed the motor by re-soldering the tabs which had melted off the commutator. It took two soldering irons to get the metal clips hot enough to melt the solder. No problems with the fixed motor so far...

Additional info: I did all the machining using only a saber saw, hack saw, and table router with a special bit for aluminum.

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