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OwnerRob Stevens
LocationSeattle, Washington United States map
Vehicle1995 Geo Metro
MotorAdvanced DC Series Wound DC
Drivetrain8" Advanced DC
ControllerCafe Electric Zilla 1K
liquid cooled
Batteries44 Thunder Sky LYP-100AHA, 3.60 Volt, Lithium Iron Phosphate
100Ah batteries provide full power throughout the entire range. Great batteries!
Pacific EV installed their propietary BMS for the new LIP batteries and did all the swapping from old lead acid to these sweet new batteries.
System Voltage160 Volts
ChargerZivan NG3
Heaterceramic core heater
DC/DC Converter Go Power Electric GPC-45
InstrumentationXantrex Link 10 digital battery status monitor; reads volts, amps, amp-hours and state of charge
Top Speed70 MPH (112 KPH)
Accelerationabout same as original engine
Range55 Miles (88 Kilometers)
EV Miles
Start:230,000 Miles (370,070 Kilometers)
Current:233,000 Miles (374,897 Kilometers)
Total:3,000 Miles (4,827 Kilometers)
Seating Capacity2
Conversion Time2 years
Conversion Cost$20,000
Additional FeaturesMy Seattle house has 3.6 kW solar panels which will produce 19kWh on a sunny summer day. So this car is SOLAR POWERED!
Taking a 230,000 mile car destined for the recycle heap and giving it a new chance at life with capacity for 500,000 miles of life with an electric engine, now that's truly recycling.

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