OwnerDan Worcester
LocationSan Antonio, Texas United States map
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Vehicle1966 Volkswagen Notchback
Type 3 Notchback, rare car only imported
by owners at the time, upgraded to 4 wheel
disk brakes, and HD suspension. Sway-A-
Way rear bars and plates made a HUGE ride
difference with the battery load. Now at
stock ride height all around.
MotorAdvanced DC 4001 Series Wound DC
Electro Automotive adapter plate. VW HD
pressure plate and disk. Later throw out
beaing with improved holding clips.
DrivetrainVW 4 speed transaxle, T3 front end. Front is
later rotor and calipers, rear is a Rabbit
disk brake conversion kit.
ControllerCurtis 500 Amp
Car "disappeared" while at body shop for new
paint. Decided to put new controller,
batteries, and all new cables while apart,
so basically a full new restoration.
Batteries12 Deka U8VGCUT, 8.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, Gel
Wanted to carry 4 people, so 4 in gas tank
hole, 4 above motor, and 4 in luggage shelf.
This gave weight balance similar to stock
car, but heavier.
System Voltage96 Volts
ChargerZivan PFC 2000
Original one died as car had no windows for
month and got to sit in puddle. New version
optimized for 110 V and charges fully while
at work.
HeaterWhatever South Texas wants it to be.
DC/DC ConverterAdvanced Power tbd
Actually mounted and rewired so all
electronics are under rear seat.
InstrumentationAnalog amp and volt, and analog 12 volt.
Top Speed73 MPH (117 KPH)
Flat stretch with a fresh charge. Run about
65 to and from work on a regular basis.
AccelerationGreat. Could tune some but happy with
existing performance
Range28 Miles (45 Kilometers)
I plug in at work, so 15 miles each way at
65 mph is perfect.
Watt Hours/MileFlat stretch, and miles may be off as the
speedo was slowing failing and finally died.
New one to be installed shortly and mileage
will then be corrected.
EV Miles
Start:92,000 Miles (148,028 Kilometers)
Current:95,000 Miles (152,855 Kilometers)
Total:3,000 Miles (4,827 Kilometers)
    As of 6/17/2013
Seating Capacity4, and no batteries in the passenger area.
Custom light weight interior. Installing 3
point harnesses at all 4 positions. Gonna
start hitting a few car shows
Curb Weight2,658 Pounds (1,208 Kilograms)
Borrowed a 4 pad race car scale.
TiresGoodrich Touring 185/65-15 mounted on
Porsche Fuchs alloy wheels.
Conversion TimeStarted in May 2008, but painter and car
disappeared. New beautiful Honda Electron
Blue [another body shop when car found
Conversion CostBought an unused complete kit, with
restoration up to about $11,000
Additional FeaturesScat Procar seats and other light weight interior pieces.
Strongly recommend 4 wheel disk brake kits - but install a
proportioning valve!!!. Very unique car so get lots of
questions and thumbs up on the freeway. Is now a regular daily
Just cruising now and getting my 1981 Caddy Diesel road worthy
to save a little more...

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