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OwnerRoy Mann
LocationFreehold, New Jersey United States map
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Vehicle1977 Volkswagen Super Beetle
Body off restoration and electrical conversion of a Convertible - My first Electric and a little different
than the last 3 Beetles I restored. This would be my 4th.
MotorD&D Motor Systems, Inc. ES-31B Series Wound DC
Too hot to keep your hand on it after 10 mile run at speeds up to 45 mph.
Will add a ducted 12v cooling fan to the motor.
Drivetrain4 speed manual trans - clutchless.
Have sheared the teeth in 2 clutch hubs
which were welded to the LoveJoy Tube that connects the motor to the trans.
Hint: Don't floor it on takeoff.
ControllerKelly 12600B
Programmable Bad Boy with 2 cooling fans & heat sinks.........Bit me twice!
Batteries15 Energizer GC8, 8.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, Flooded
Golf Cart Batteries Manufactured by Johnson Controls for Sam's Club - 63 pounds each. Hired a kid to load 'em.
Ordered 40 TS 160AH Thunder Sky Lithiums to replace the Lead Pack....stay tuned.
System Voltage120 Volts
ChargerQuick Charge 120v - 10amp
Programmable On Board Charger with LED State of Charge reading.
HeaterInnovative Heated seat pads installed under the vinyl. 12v Hi-Low-Off lighted controls. 60 watts each seat.
DC/DC Converter HWZ 120 -12 volt
300 watts
InstrumentationSimpson Amp & Volt gauges.
Recently purchased a Link 10 Meter. Will install with the new Lithiums.
Top Speed65 MPH (104 KPH)
With one eye open and cringing I braved the Interstate and had the car up to 61mph. Hoping to increase that a little once I put a top on the car.
AccelerationThe same as a stock Beetle.
Range38 Miles (61 Kilometers)
Updated range: 36-38 miles at 40 mph at 80% DOD if I can believe the state of charge reading on my Quick Charger. Have only driven the car about 1500 miles since completion.
Seating Capacity2 Frightened Adults - both wondering if it would be better to be ejected in a crash or remain belted?
Curb Weight2,700 Pounds (1,227 Kilograms)
Just an estimate based on original curb weight of the vehicle less the engine, clutch, gas tank and back the batteries, motor etc.
Tires165 R15's
Conversion TimeThe restoration and welding on the frame took much more time than the actual installation of the Electrical System. Maybe 6 mos. total.
Conversion CostCar - $1500
Batteries, Motor, Controller etc. - $5500...$8000 for the Lithiums soon to be installed.
Time away from work....Priceless.
Additional FeaturesApril 2010
Installed new top, padding, cables and headliner.

Dec. 09 Update -
Ordered 40 Thunder Sky Lithium Batteries 160Ah each. Will install 38 of them in the Beetle after I have culled out the weakest 2. This helps better balance the pack against low discharge and over charge damage. Also gives me 2 spares in the event of mechanical failure or accidental damage. 10 years from now I might not be able to purchase a cell which matches this chemistry. These new TS Cells LiFeYPo are rated at 3000 recharges at 80% DOD....they could possibly last me 15-20 years.

Aug 09 Update -
Completely stripped and repainted the car Base Coat, Clear Coat - Metallic Beige. Currently re-upholstering the seats. Added Innovative Seat Heaters under the new vinyl- only 60 watts each.

Welded Battery Cages front & rear. I don't want the rear 567 pounds of batteries to join me in the front seat.
Also, since the photos were taken I have replaced the Curtis PB6 Pot with a Kelly KP Series Throttle Pedal. It
eliminates the accelerator cable and places the pot right under it's own pedal next to the Brake Pedal. Fly by wire!
Jan. 09 - Upgraded the front brakes from stock drum to disc. Significant improvement in stopping distance.
Comments: I welcome them. Email me - but before you suggest adding 19 Alternators or 3 Windmills please Google the term: "Perpetual Motion" or "Over Unity".
On board Solar Panels would help a little but not enough to offset the energy used while driving.
Also forgot to add the restoration cost of the frame, suspension, brakes, interior, top and paint. I did these myself. Add another $3500.00
Drive Green! - Roy

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