'Speedy Gonzales' to 'Blue Thunder' 'Speedy Gonzales' to 'Blue Thunder' 'Blue Thunder' - New LiveryTeamWithout whom ...
Owner's Other EVs1995 Daihatsu Charade
Customised - Electric Bicycle - Scooter
Electric Bicycle - for Promotions & Testing
LocationMelton, Victoria Australia map
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Vehicle2009 'Speedy Gonzales' becomes 'Blue Thunder'
Gisborne Secondary Colleges student team & AAEV are re-designing one of the college's proven Pedal racing cycles into a Pedal-Electric, Human-Electric, Racing LEV to compete in the 'RACV ENERGY CHALLENGE' in the Human-Electric Hybrid racing category over the 24 hour endurance race in November 2009. Base bike is derived from a highly modified Greenspeed Recumbent trike
Motor Brushless DC
Custom built ... first incarnation likely 36V 200W
DrivetrainPedal-Electric, Human-Electric, Hybrid.

Currently 9 gear Pedal cycle with pedal flywheel.

Custom built ... first incarnation likely 36V 17A
Batteries0.00 Volt,
Not determined yet, Lithium-Ion or SLA ... final voltage and capacity TBA
System Voltage36 Volts
Custom ... voltage and battery type to be charged TBA
DC/DC Converter
Probably not required on a Racing LEV ...
InstrumentationWill be built with Speedometer, odometer, and voltmeter, as a minimum
AccelerationAiming for maximum distance, at speed, over a 24 hour endurance race, on a 1.2Km racetrack under race conditions
RangeAiming for maximum distance, at speed, over a 24 hour endurance race, on a 1.2Km racetrack under race conditions
EV Miles
Current:870 Miles (1,400 Kilometers)
Seating Capacity1 adult
TiresFront: 16x2"
Rear: 16x3"
Additional FeaturesHm, there will be high powered, energy efficient LED lighting and lights powered from a secondary accessory battery pack for the overnight portion of the race ... um, and probably a drink cup holder ;)

Fitted DC Key operated Electric Ignition switch.
Fitted High DC Voltage, High DC Current, externally accessable Emergency Stop Switch.
Fitted internal Emergency Fire Extinguisher and mount.
Aerodynamic shell modified, reconditioned and resprayed-sealed.
E-ABS brake controls fitted.
Pedalec-PAS sensors and controls fitted.
Multiple custom, reconfigurable, protected, hot-swap battery packs built, configured and fitted (two types).
Wide and high beam 12V LED headlights and control modules built and fitted.
Internally fitted and wired-in, multimeter for monitoring battery state and performance and rapid trouble-shooting and fault-finding.

Other features TBA
Bike has progressed well through ongoing development and optimisation ... team has done over 1400Km human-electric so far, on performance testing and progressive improvements based on real-world testing and development on our training racetrack ... effectively 'Race Ready' ... more updates to come ...

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