Owner's Other EV2007 Schwinn Trailway
LocationDallas, Texas US map
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Vehicle2004 Kona Stinky Downhiller
MotorCrystalyte 408/4012 dual wound Brushless DC
Dual wound Crystalyte motor, Direct drive hub. Modified for disc brake
ControllerCrystalyte 7240
72 volt, 40 amp using 4110 MOSFETs
Batteries8 5 cell 5 amp RC batteries, 18.50 Volt, Lithium-Polymer
Lithium Cobalt RC batteries. 92 watts and 1.4 pounds each. Each battery is rated at 20c normal, 30c burst. I generaly run 4 in series unless I need more range.
System Voltage74 Volts
Charger Imax, and generic
HeaterWarm thoughts and thick gloves.
InstrumentationCycle Analyst from Ebikes.ca
Top Speed36 MPH (57 KPH)
Not sure how fast it will go. I have it capped at 36 until I get some braking issues sorted out for high speed.
Accelerationit will hit 30mph in 100 yards or less. but being a hub motor, it feels sluggish taking off from a dead stop to about 10mph
Range5 Miles ( 8 Kilometers)
It will go 10 miles if driven like a rental. 50 if ridden at bicycle speeds. I usually get in the middle of that
Watt Hours/Mile15 Wh/Mile
15 Watts per mile is the best no pedal I can get in normal stop and go riding. But I prefer a more aggressive style that leads to 30Watts per mile.

With modest pedaling, 11w/m is easy enough.
EV Miles
Current:500 Miles (804 Kilometers)
Seating Capacity1 adult
Curb Weight80 Pounds (36 Kilograms)
TiresMaxxis Hookworms. 26" X 2.5"
Conversion Timeon going, 1 year
Conversion CostOh Hell...
It will go anywhere. I'm building it to handle off road punishment.

I'm running it at 3000 watts, 4 horsepower peak. It will outrun mopeds and small motorbikes.

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