OwnerBertil Stam
LocationSaigon, Vietnam Vietnam map
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Vehicle2007 Yamaha TTR250
Saigon normally only have scooters with a
limit to 150cc...so it was kind of hard
to find a bigger bike, this one is in
good quality, and i brought it without
the engine
MotorBriggs and Stratton ETEK-RT Permanent Magnet DC
its on the way, I have looked for info
on the performance curve, but did not
find any available over 142 amp...kind
of low, talked to the manufacture, he
say it can take up to 250 amp for 5 sec
depending on cooling way...i had hoped
for 350 amp...guess that is not to be,
maybe the Agni 95 is better
Drivetrainsprocket 52 teeth on back
ControllerAlltrax 7245
after talking to Tony at altraxx, i am
going for the 7245, and will adjust it to
limit the amp for the motor
Batterieslocal brand, dong nai, 12.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, Gel
first I test with this, later when I have
the money then I go for LiFePO
System Voltage72 Volts
not decided, but some cheap Chinese one
to charge over night
HeaterSaigon is 30+ daily temp...should have an
aircon if any
DC/DC Converter
a standard model from LMC outlet...not
sure what it is
Top Speedi will gear it for 75-85 KM/h
Accelerationhoping for a fast acceleration, but the
bike will be heavy, and i am around 100
kg, so that's a lot of weight to carry
Rangeneeds to go at least 40 km
Seating Capacityme at first, but would like to take wify
as well...
Curb Weight0
bike base weight is 70 kg...then add
batteries-motor...and me
Tiresstock, off road, will give a little sound
when running
Conversion Costframe was 1300 usd...hard to find a big
bike in Saigon, the aim is less than 5K
then 2500 usd for the component. still
need the batteries
Additional Featuresmy profession is design, so it might take long time to
convert and get it finished, it should look nice in the
I am a total newbie in EV conversions, so for now the frame
is there, the EPS foam boxes are there, but all hardware is
undecided, guess I will end up needing some help from some
more knowledge people...but lets see...motto, if you don't
try, you never succeed

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