eCagiva - beforeeGUI mini mounted on eCagivaeGUI mini partsRoad inspection day - PASSED !LFP30's with Stybrook BMS and Celllog8Kokam pack
OwnerHenry Palonen
Owner's Other EVs2011 Rixe XC4
2000 Porsche Boxster
2000 Elcat Cityvan
LocationTampere, Pirkanmaa Finland map
Vehicle1989 Cagiva Freccia C10
Road licenced 07/2010!
MotorAgni Motors 95R
First motor was custom made prototype motor, specifically
made for this bike, later known as EVE M1AC7-M1. It
overheated and is currently replaced with Agni 95R
Drivetrainaround 6:1 reduction
ControllerKelly KDHE
First controller was a Sigmadrive AC controller. 84V 450 A
peak, 250A cont. It was used with first motor. It is now
replaced with Kelly KDHE 650A controller.
Batteries22 Kokam SLPB 60460330H, 3.70 Volt, Lithium-Polymer
First tests and road-licenced with 17 x LFP30's but upgraded
to 22 x Kokam 70Ah cells. They are capable of 700A
peak currents and 350A continous.
System Voltage81 Volts
Charger Eltek Valere Powercharger 3000 IP67
First tests done with PowerFinn PAC800 x 2 (total power about
1.6 kW).
Currently using Eltek Valere Powercharger 3000 - a 3 kW IP67
protected CAN controlled charger
DC/DC ConverterSevcon 300W
Instrumentation1st installation
eGUI mini
Cycle analyst

Current installation EvUI - a custom made graphical CAN -
bus UI
Top Speed74 MPH (119 KPH)
Additional FeaturesElithion Lithiumind Pro BMS
EvUI graphical display / control panel
Road licenced 07/2010, Finland's first road legal EV-motorbike with Lithium Ion batteries
and a AC-motor.

Every electrical component upgraded during 2011. Motor, controller, batteries, DC/DC
and BMS system - all of them upgraded.

code by jerry