Triumph TR-6 (Triumph TR-165v)On TrackMotor MountReady to rollReady to roll 2Battery upgrade
OwnerMatt Chamberlain
Owner's Other EVs1987 Suzuki SP200
Craftsman 19 inch 48v Push Mower
2012 Nissan Leaf SuperBlack
LocationDayton, Ohio United States map
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Vehicle1974 Triumph TR-6
Set up to race as an electric autocrosser and then go get ice
cream afterward (in other words, it will no longer be a nasty
smelling, noisy cop-attention getter :-) )
MotorMitsubishi 97220-03400 Series Wound DC
Picking up the motor today - Should be a good fit - 8 brush design
should take the 144 - 156 volts
DrivetrainDebating whether or not to keep the tranny. the center of gravity
would be nice with the motor tucked up where the transmission
ControllerLogisystems 550 AMP
120 - 156
Batteries35AH, 12.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, AGM
Got a good price on some 35AH AGM batteries - same form factor
as on the motorcycle - Lawn Tractor / U1 sized
System Voltage144 Volts
Charger TOP Chinese Charger 3x48v
HeaterHarbor Freight 9 buck heater
DC/DC ConverterElcon 55
Instrumentationremoved the oil pressure and volt gauges and replaced with 500
AMP ammeter and 80 - 180 volt Voltmeter
Top Speed100 MPH (160 KPH)
I want to run high 13s in the quarter mile
AccelerationI want to run high 13s in the quarter mile
RangeI don't care - 10 miles, maybe.
EV Miles
Start:64 Miles (102 Kilometers)
Seating Capacity2 adults
Curb Weight1,800 Pounds (818 Kilograms)
TiresKumho Ecstas on 16x7 Konig Rewind Two Tone aluminum and
gunmetal spokes
Conversion Timea Month or two
Conversion Cost5 grand
I want to build a 50/50 weight distribution car with over a hundred horsepower and more torque
than stock to go out and beat everyone at the autocross and make a good show of it at the

The car has racing coils, big sway bars, and race tires. May do rear disc brake conversion and
4 piston front brake conversion.

UPDATE - found a suitable fork lift motor - and have located bearings, brushes. In the process
of getting some old TR6 cranks to cannibalize and cut the flange end off - then have it broached
for female splines for this motor. Then use 2 1/2 inch aluminum doughnut spacer to locate the
end of the crank flush with the crank end and bolt up the flywheel, etc. may add a large bearing
around the crank journal end if it is a common size.

Update - Things are coming together - decided to do away with clamshell motor to bell housing
adapter and decided to cut things up instead - cut input shaft to tranny - and output shaft from
motor (was bent at the end anyway) and cut the beautiful coupler down to size and jam the
motor and tranny together sandwiching a 1/4 in steel plate. I have a new nickname after
removing my nail, nail bed, tip of finger and breaking my distal phalanx of my left hand when
my finger slipped into one of the cutouts in the frame while the motor was turning at 2500 RPM
and got caught in the cooling fan breaking 2 fan blades - AMPutater. :-)
There is LITERALLY a piece of me in the motor of this car now :-)

UPDATE - DONE! - Went Racing this last weekend at an autocross. Had some problem that I
couldn't track down that caused me to only pull 125 AMPs. I have since disconnected
everything and reconnected everything and now pull 350 or so. Only problem is that I didn't get
one connection secured and blasted a top post to Kingdom Come. :-( Drove her to work -
performed well... has about 7.5 miles range - although I think it will get a bit better with a
couple charge cycles.

Update 7/24/2011 - I have been running errands for a while and have commuted a few times. I
built it with too little battery capacity - at 35AH to be a reliable commuter - until they install a
charger at work - or set me up with an outlet to use like they did with the bike (which I ride
every day.) Another important update is that I need to advance the timing on the motor 12
degrees (see pooey1911 on youtube) to get more amps outta this motor. - Will do this as soon
as possible - and report back - also, have a line on some 75ah UPS batteries that still have a
couple years life left in em - will report back on that also!

Update 9/1/2011
I upped the batteries to 88ah Biggins and went racing (Autocross) although I got slowest time
of the day - it was faster than last time - am configured at 96 volts now and have wired up the
motor as series and shunt cumulative Compound and it has a lot of pickup now - made the wiring
change after racing or I would have beat several cars.

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