OwnerDavid Newton
Owner's Other EV1987 Suzuki Alto
LocationChristchurch, Canterbury New Zealand map
Web/EmailWebPage email image
Vehicle1993 Toyota Corolla
Direct drive no clutch.
MotorSchabmuller 48 V 162 A Series Wound DC
ex 48V Forklift
ControllerCurtis 1231C
Does the job well
Batteries38 CALB/Skyenergy 100AHr cell, 3.30 Volt,
Lithium Iron Phospate
System Voltage120 Volts
ChargerElcon 2400 HF/PFC
A matched system that comunicates with the BMS supplied as a kit with the battery from Sky Energy now China Aviation Lithium Battery Company
HeaterPoor at the moment. Ceramic heater out of AC fan heater but not enough even at 120V.
DC/DC Converter
50AHr deep cycle battery charged off 120V pack. the 120V AC charger does not seem to mind DC and appears to work well.
InstrumentationBMS supplied by Harbi GuanTau Power Equipment Co Ltd China as part of the package deal from Sky Energy. Touch screen monitoring all cells giving fuel gauge read outs etc. Seems very good.
Cut off charging the pack when one cell bounced to 3.80V even though the rest were around 3.4V. I wonder if other charging systems are sensitive enough to register a 0.4V overcharge over 120V? (Anyway saved my car judging by Mr Rickards experience on video overcharging a single cell with a small trickle charger)
Top Speed60 MPH (96 KPH)
Purrs along in third at 100kph.
AccelerationAccelerates well.7 seconds to 50kph 27 seconds to 100kph. (both are averages of two accelerations one each way)
Range26 Miles (41 Kilometers)
47km 90% at 100kph 10% stop start round town driving.
Watt Hours/Mile270 Wh/Mile
I calculated this 270 WHr per mile as kWHr stored in pack divided by range (in km) multiplied by 1000 multiplied by 1.6. (This is therefore not the power conversion efficiency wall to road.)open road trip at 100 kph used 270 around town averages up to 330
EV Miles
Start:143,170 Miles (230,360 Kilometers)
Current:143,284 Miles (230,543 Kilometers)
Total:114 Miles (183 Kilometers)
Seating CapacityStandard 5 seats retained
Curb Weight2,332 Pounds (1,060 Kilograms)
1060 kg 5 kg heavier than original but distributed nose heavy.
Tiresreplaced wheels with earlier model thinner width tyres and rims.
Conversion Time1 yr elapsed
Conversion CostNZ$ 25 000
Additional FeaturesCertified warranted and registered. All the cells under the hood makes for a very simple safe conversion. Not having an on board charger makes a 240VAC electrical certification unneccessary. The ability to plug it into an ordinary three pin 10A plug means the charger can be taken as luggage if required and plugged into any domestic supply anywhere in NZ. The pack charges in 6 hrs which suits an overday, while at work charge or an overnight charge. Vacuum brake pump YT Stable VBS EV 12 operates very well. No resevoir required and the complete kit supplied is nicely done. Vertical mounted so a space saver and the oil damped inlet means a reasonably quiet operation. 30A at 12 v draw is a cough but it only operates for 1/2 a second after a brake depression so very acceptable so far for me.
Very pleased so far. The extra voltage makes the top speed more easily achievable. Around town I leave it in 2nd gear so it revs to its most economical power range (lowest current draw) at 50kph around town (48A) so there is no gear changing and it operates very nicely like an auto. 80kph draws 100A at 120V in 3rd 100kph draws around 150A in third. (Have yet to use 5th) have to be a little conservative on acceleration not to sag the cells voltage and trip the low voltage alarm on the BMS (currently set at 2.800V)

code by jerry