LocationLa Crosse, Wisconsin United States map
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Vehicle1983 Pontiac Firebird
MotorAdvanced DC FB1-4001A Series Wound DC
Purchased new from a private seller on Craigslist for $600. It has a very small amount of surface rust on the shafts that needs to be removed.
Drivetrain5-speed manual with a clutch
ControllerOpen ReVolt
Planning to build version 2C.
Batteries12, 12.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, AGM
Not sure what brand yet, but they will probably be from Universal Battery or something similar from a local supplier.

7 traction batteries will be in the engine compartment, 2 behind the front seats, and 3 in the trunk. The auxiliary battery will also be in the engine compartment.
System Voltage144 Volts
Possibly a Zivan NG3, haven't decided yet.
HeaterNone yet.
DC/DC Converter
None yet.
RangeWill probably be around 20-30 miles based on the EV Calculator.
Seating Capacity2 Adults.
Curb Weight0
Originally about 3,400 lbs.
TiresWill be from a 1990 Toronado after we change the bolt pattern.
Conversion TimeAbout 2 years so far.
Conversion Cost~$1500 up to this point

$500 for the car
$100 to have it towed
$600 for the motor
$150 for the transmission
$186 for the bellhousing

Estimated expenses:
$300 to build the controller
$1200 for traction batteries

A few other large items, also lots of small misc. Probably around the $4000 mark not including restoration work.
Additional FeaturesAlso considering the following:
LED lighting
Solar panels to charge the accessory battery
Digital dash
We recently replaced the '84 Trans Am with an '83 Firebird due to rust issues. Be sure to check our website for more information.

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