Stealth Bobber - Electric ChopperStealth Bobber - Electric ChopperStealth Bobber - Electric ChopperStealth Bobber - Electric ChopperStealth Bobber - Electric ChopperStealth Bobber - Electric ChopperStealth Bobber - Electric Chopper
OwnerStealth Bobber
Owner's Other EV2011 UltraMotors A2B-2 Metro
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Vehicle2010 Stealth Bobber - Electric Chopper
MotorCrystalyte Brushless DC
The chain-less direct drive hub motor is built into the rear
wheel and is the most powerful motor of it's kind. It uses a
higher voltage, lower current design to minimize losses
from over heating. The motor is able to achieve 10KW
continuous and up to 30KW peak while operating in
complete silence. This motor has an extra turn of windings
on the stator for better performance off the line and in hilly
Controller 136 Volt 200 Amp
The 136 volt controller is programmable with a peak
output of 200 amps and a continuous output of 100 amps.
With the controller's built in regenerative braking system it
can recharge the batteries when slowing down or coasting
Batteries30, 3.70 Volt, Lithium Iron Phosphate
LiFePO4 batteries are more expensive, but they are lighter
and last longer than the cheaper NiMH and SLA batteries.
These LiFePO4 batteries have been properly cycled to
condition the electrodes for long life. We expect to get
1500 to 2000 cycles with these cells totaling 75,000 to
100,000 miles of use.
System Voltage110 Volts
ChargerKingpan 110 volt
The 1 piece "gas tank" houses the 13 amp 110 Volt charger
that recharges at a rate of 1 hour for every 10-15 miles
HeaterThe Sun
DC/DC ConverterMeanwell SD-200D-12
The onboard 200 watt dc/dc converter uses standard 12 volt
current to run the dash, head lamp, gauge lights, turn signals,
brake lights and aux power.
InstrumentationAnalog and digital gauges. The instrument panel has a CA-
LS-HC v2.2 with different modes for battery analysis, speed,
distance, time, regeneration, total battery cycles and charging
data. On the left of the dash is a round analog speedometer
with odometer.
Top Speed50 MPH (80 KPH)
Range50 Miles (80 Kilometers)
EV Miles
Current:1,989 Miles (3,200 Kilometers)
Seating Capacity1
Curb Weight335 Pounds (152 Kilograms)
TiresShinko 705 Dual Sport 120/90r18 Front and Rear
Conversion Time435 hours.

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