CIT G-Van in workshopWorking on the G -VanStripping for a respraySide on with a new coat of paint.Working on the G -VanSpray painting the G-VanUndercoating the sidesShiny new G - Van from the back.Receiving sponsorship from ACTEWagl
OwnerMark Hemmingsen
Owner's Other EVsCIT Green Solutions Electric Powered Cart
Electric Mini Moke
1999 NWH10 Prius
1997 NWH10 Prius
LocationCanberra, Australian Capital Territory Australia map
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Vehicle1993 GMC G-VAN Vandura
This is a G-Van that we purchased from CERES in Melbourne. It is up and running and I we hope to have it registered and on the road by the end of the year.
MotorNelco N200ML012 Separately Excited DC
DrivetrainOntario Drive and Gear 1.85:1

Motor bolted onto a weird reverse differential and gearbox setup.
ControllerChloride Mk 5
Batteries36 Crown Supreme CR-225, 6.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, Flooded
Golf buggy batteries similar to the originals
Had to drop the battery rack 20mm to stop the new batteries shorting on the body. I also tidied up the wiring and insulated the connections.
System Voltage216 Volts
Charger Chloride EV systems 108V0205M2C-R
Very large 1990's charger capable of delivering upto 30A.
Bolted into the back of the van.
Comparable to a bar fridge!
DC/DC Converter Chloride EV systems
Incorporated into the controller
Top SpeedHaven't had it on the open road yet.
Easily gets up to 40 - 50 kmph in the carpark!
AccelerationTypical of a G-Van.
Seating Capacity5
Conversion TimeOver 12 months due to integration with apprentice classes and procurement of sponsorship.
Conversion CostSo far:
$6000 from CIT for the purchase of the Van from CERES.
$4800 has been sponsored by the Teacher's Credit Union
$5000 has been sponsored by ACTEWagl
I have just bought this vehicle and I would love to hear from anyone who can offer us advice about this vehicle as we have no manuals or paperwork! Please email Mark at or contact Mark through our Facebook site WebPage

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