KMX EcobraKMX EcobraKMX EcobraKMX Ecobra
OwnerSteve Boser
Owner's Other EVse bike v1.5
2009 Tidalforce S-750
2006 Actionbent E-Jetstream
1980 Worksman Adaptable
2003 Giant Revive conversion
e bike v1.55
2010 KMX Cobra Recumbent Quad
LocationAloha, Oregon United States map
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Vehicle2010 KMX Cobra
Purchased with intention to convert to electric power.
KMX makes a stout tadpole just waiting to be converted to electric power
MotorCrystalyte 408 / 411 Brushless DC
Early Crystalyte hub motor tapped windings
DrivetrainCurrently the bike is setup with a Crystalyte 408 /411 hub motor, 36 volt 25 amp brush-less controller and the ability to run up to 6 Bosch 36v Fatpack tool batteries. Vehicle is equipped with individually controlled front disc brakes
ControllerCrystalyte 3625
Batteries6 Bosch Fatpacks, 36.00 Volt,
System Voltage36 Volts
Charger Bosch
Just a standard charger. When not powering the bike, the batteries power one heck of a powerful drill
Top Speed22 MPH (35 KPH)
Unfortunately the additional weight of the trike makes this vehicle in its current state pretty lame.
Unless the street is wet and then the bike really shines, the bike easily will do power slides and donuts
Accelerationnot so quick..........Yet
RangeWith my scalable battery pack, I am not sure, I am hoping to attempt to try riding it 60 miles to the coast this summer
Seating Capacity1 adult

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