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OwnerTadej Gortnar
LocationPodnart, Gorenjska Slovenia map
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Vehicle1995 Fiat Punto - Bertone cabrio
Motor M2-AC15/4-AS 3-Phase AC
The EVE M2-AC15/4-AS is a three-phase, air cooled smooth casing, AC induction Motor with 15kW of rated power at battery voltage of 144Vdc.
Homemade with IGBT 300A transistors.
Batteries50 Thunder Sky TS-LFP100AHA, 3.30 Volt, Lithium Iron Phosphate
System Voltage165 Volts
ChargerElcon 2KW
DC/DC ConverterMeanwell PB-360
360W Single output battery charger.
Top SpeedNeed more tests.
RangeNeed more tests.
Watt Hours/MileNeed more tests.
EV Miles
Start:103,600 Miles (166,692 Kilometers)
Current:103,620 Miles (166,724 Kilometers)
Total:20 Miles (32 Kilometers)
    As of 6/11/2011
Curb Weight2,420 Pounds (1,100 Kilograms)
Conversion TimeNine months of part time effort acquiring and building parts and troubleshooting.

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