Owner's Other EVsToyota Land Cruiser
1998 Yamaha Grizzly600
LocationHamburg, Hamburg Germany map
Vehicle1986 Citroen 2CV
MotorNetgain WarP9 Series Wound DC
The motor is running in this car very nice with max. 148 volts
DrivetrainCitroen GSA gearbox with 4 gears.
ControllerEvnetics Soliton 1 with EMC
Best controller ever.)
Batteries70 CALB/Skyenergy CALB SE180AHA, 3.20 Volt, Lithium Iron Phosphate
Battery pack has 235 volts. Motor max. is set at 148 volts.
System Voltage235 Volts
ChargerBrusa NLG513
DC/DC ConverterMeanwell HRP-600-12
10.2 ~ 13.8V
InstrumentationPack Ah - JLD404
Volts - JLD5740
Temperatures - JLD7100DC
Top Speed92 MPH (148 KPH)
Only limited by the rpm at about 5400. With a longer gearbox
it would go much faster.
Accelerationvery good at 500 amps
Range150 Miles (241 Kilometers)
Country road and highway at about 60mph
Watt Hours/Mile318 Wh/Mile
Country road and highway at about 60mph
EV Miles
Start:4,600 Miles (7,401 Kilometers)
Current:5,613 Miles (9,031 Kilometers)
Total:1,013 Miles (1,629 Kilometers)
Seating Capacity2+4
Curb Weight3,090 Pounds (1,404 Kilograms)

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