Testbed to test Motor-Controller
Owner's Other EV1979 MG MGB
LocationFremont, California United States map
Vehicle1967 MG MGB GT
Best of MGB year' 1967 electrified.
Weighed 2300lbs before conversion
MotorHPEVS AC35 3-Phase AC
Drivetrain4 speed gearbox from Nissan Datsumn 260Z with Redline
MT-90 75W90 GL-4 Gear Oil
ControllerCurtis 1238R-7601
Batteries64 Nissan Leaf Batteries, 520.00 Volt,
lithium ion battery pack - LiMn2O4
System Voltage130 Volts
ChargerBrusa NLG 513
NLG 513 air cooled + NLG 503 Air Cooled
Heaterseat heater
DC/DC ConverterTDK
from 2000 Honda Insight
InstrumentationCycle Analyst and WIP
Top Speed110 MPH (176 KPH)
tested 74mph at 4200rpm on 4th gear ratio 1:1
Range85 Miles (136 Kilometers)
Freeway miles driving at 60mph with hilly elevation.
Watt Hours/Mile220 Wh/Mile
EV Miles
Start:99,500 Miles (160,095 Kilometers)
Current:108,500 Miles (174,576 Kilometers)
Total:9,000 Miles (14,481 Kilometers)
    As of 5/7/2015
Seating Capacity2 + 2
Curb Weight2,550 Pounds (1,159 Kilograms)
Originally weighed 2300, after conversion its 2550
TiresMichelin Energy
Conversion Time9 months
Conversion Cost15000
Additional FeaturesEVSE Enabled
planning to add Chademo

code by jerry