Replacement Prius engine in truckBad engine still in Prius, replacement iEmpty space between radiator and exhaustThis Prius has a problem (oil residu cakSomeone worked on this battery pack
OwnerCor van de Water
Owner's Other EVs1994 Chevrolet S10 WaveDriver
Schwinn Sierra
Blue 2002 Toyota Prius
2004 Reva Maini
Currie Phat Flyer
1989 Ford Ranger
1999 EVGlobal
PowerSmart ladies bike
2001 Toyota Prius
LocationMountain View, California United States map
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Vehicle2002 Toyota Prius
Standard issue NHW-11 "Classic" Prius, bought at almost 159k miles complete with scratched up right side, dead batteries and seized engine.
Batteries0.00 Volt,
EV Miles
Start:159,000 Miles (255,831 Kilometers)
Current:173,000 Miles (278,357 Kilometers)
Total:14,000 Miles (22,526 Kilometers)
Conversion Timeswapped the engine/transaxle assembly to get the car to run again, then had to swap the dying Hybrid battery also, now my wife is enjoying her "new" car. Put new front brake pads in after doing 3,000 miles with it - the original were worn out.
Conversion Cost$2500 for the complete car, $200 to have a friend tow it to my town. Purchase of good used engine offset by sale of transaxle to help another Prius with bad MG2 stator windings get back on the road, sale of the inverter that came with the used engine and eventually the sale of the bad engine. Finally $650 for a good used replacement Hybrid battery. The dead 12V battery just needed a good charge.

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