Side view of 1/6 scale model, 2012Building scale model, 2012Model with trunk open showing spare tire
OwnerJesse Blenn
Location Costa Rica map
Web/EmailWebPage email image
Vehicle2016 Cambria CR
Production prototype for commercial production in Costa Rica and worldwide via franchises.
Four seat with diamond seating configuration and "gullwing" doors. Rear wheel drive, with future 4x4 version. Has double solar roof (3 square meters total) for added range.
MotorMars Twin motors. Permanent Magnet DC
To be decided. Two motors, at least 60 hp maximum one minute.
DrivetrainExpect MARS (Motenergy) permanent magnet. High and low range enclosed chain reduction to rear wheels.
Optional four wheel drive with two more (smaller)front motors.
To be decided.
Batteries64 CALB/Skyenergy CAM 72FI, 102.40 Volt, Lithium Iron Phosphate
Small 14.5 kwh or large 29 kwh pack, in series parallel. Located under and forward of side passengers flooring.
System Voltage96 Volts
To be decided.
HeaterTwo position 250 or 1000 watts defrost (no heat required!)
DC/DC Converter
To be decided.
InstrumentationNavdy or similar projection instrumentation plus electrical system monitors.
Top Speed65 MPH (104 KPH)
NO NEED to go fast in Costa Rica! Better to have good hill climbing.
AccelerationTo be announced. Will be reasonable.
Range70 Miles (112 Kilometers)
70 miles (14.5 kWh) or 130 miles (29 kWh)
expected. Will have near 16 kilometers per day of ADDED daily range from solar panels, and also room to install optional onboard generator (Likely 150 cc Hyundai 2800 Watts with electric start, rarely used). Can always make it home or to charger.
Watt Hours/MileTo be tested.
Seating CapacityFour adults in diamond configuration. Driver center forward with entry either side. Two lateral and one folding rear.
Curb Weight1,800 Pounds (818 Kilograms)
For small battery version, without onboard
generator. Large battery version 300 pounds more.
Tires155/80 x 13 Firestone (made locally in Costa Rica)
Conversion TimeFour years part time design work, three months building prototype so far.
Additional FeaturesUnique design with electrically closing falcon wing doors (open with gas springs), adjustable air suspension with semi-trailing arms for our bad roads. Top panel of double roof slides forward when parked to cover windshield and give near 15 km (10 miles) of added daily range.

Chassis is square and rectangular steel tube of 70,000 psi(made by Ferromax in El Salvador), acetlyene welded (will be TIG welded and powder coated in production). Body is aluminum and balsa wood sandwich as used in airplane flooring. Fabricated locally using local balsa
wood. Flat and curved panels formed in simple wooden molds to control project costs (NO $5 million dollar stamping presses).
We won a Costa Rican govenment contest to fund innovative projects in November 2013 but in over two years have received only 4 months of funding. That is a shining example of bureacracy and incompetence.

Looking for investors as there is NO culture of investing in local innovation in Costa Rica.

code by jerry