OwnerWarren Berger
Owner's Other EVsElectric assist recumbent pedal bike
2017 Chevy Bolt LT
LocationVirginia United States map
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Vehicle1996 RANS Screamer

Our custom 26/26 tandem ridden for a
and stored for another decade, now reborn
an electric assist cargo bike.
MotorCrystalyte Crown 4080 Brushless DC
I re-laced the wheel, putting brass
washers under the spoke heads to draw the
bends tight to the flange. Also flipped
spokes to increase offset for seven speed
freewheel. Loctite'd spoke nipples.
Balanced spoke tension with Park tension

Drivetrain2000 watt nominal, direct drive rear hub
with a seven speed, 11-32 freewheel.
Original Deore XT derailleurs, rear
Gripshifter, and Ritchey 53/40/22 triple
crank retained. Stoker's triple crank
moved to front. Captain's cranks removed.
Chain now runs directly to rear wheel
through a Bacchetta dual idler wheel.
Controller 18 fet 4110, 36-75V Infineon Controller
Batteries58.80 Volt, Lithium-Ion
Seven, 2s2p modules from a wrecked 2015
Leaf. Running a 14s BMS from EM3ev, 10
amp (charge), 60 amps (discharge)

hybridautocenter dot com
System Voltage59 Volts
Charger Satiator
Running two, at 5 amps each, in parallel.
Best chargers made!

Heater70 and above...shorts and tee shirt
65-70...shorts, tee, windbreaker
50-65...long pants, sweatshirt,
earmuffs,light gloves, windbreaker
45-50...long johns, long pants, plastic
bags over socks, sweatshirt, fiberfill
vest, windbreaker, balaclava, ski
below 45...ride my roadbike, way less
InstrumentationThe V3 CA shows all the information like
the one on my older bike, with the added
features of motor temp, cruise control,
regen, and throttle ramp tuning.

Top Speed32 MPH (51 KPH)
Runs 32 mph at WOT, hot off the charger, on
level ground.
AccelerationNice starting with controller speed switch in
position 1, quick starting in position 2,
crazy starting in position 3.
Range150 Miles (241 Kilometers)
Did 203 miles in cruise control at 18.7
mph average, with enough left for 27 more
Does 150 miles at 22 mph average in cruise
control. Does 125 miles at 25 mph average
in cruise control.
Watt Hours/Mile18 Wh/Mile
Ranges from 12.4-23 Wh/mi depending on
I pedal all the time, adding 75-150 watts
the rear wheel. This is equivalent to an
additional 100-200 battery watts.
EV Miles
Current:31,842 Miles (51,233 Kilometers)
    As of 5/11/2022
Seating CapacityOne, plus lots of stuff.

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Love these cargo bags! Lots of room for
groceries and recycling.

Curb Weight130 Pounds (59 Kilograms)
This is the bare bike weight. Probably
closer to 145 pounds with lights, bag,
spares, pump, water, extra cloths, etc.
Tiresfront: 44 x 559 Kenda Kwick Tendril,
at 65 psi

rear: 58 x 507 Kenda Kiniption,
run at 75 psi
Conversion TimeSeveral weeks, back in July, hanging the
parts temporarily on the bike to test out
the idea. Rode it in this kludged state
for two weeks, racking up 670 miles. Tore
it all apart for frame mods. It then
spent the next six months in a pile in the
corner, while life got in the way.
Finally got back to it two weeks ago.
Conversion CostAbout as much as an electric shifter setup
from Shimano.
07-06-21 Stuck to pedal bikes for 13 months due to COVID-19. Been
riding this bike again for the last two months. No worse for
sitting. No capacity loss. Had to pump up almost flat tires, and
topped up charge.

07-18-19 Still at it. Did a 331 mile,
three day trip up to Front Royal, along
the Skyline Drive, the end of April.

07-18-18 Still going strong.

01-01-18 Very cold December cut into

Now on third set of tires, and fourth

Awhile since an update. On second set of
tires, and chain. Added my old Air Zounds
horn, Replaced old pen cell, bicycle
lights with Grin Tech e-bike lights, run
off traction pack.

Exactly 3000 miles since finishing the
bike on 03-07-16

Got my cargo bags. Have hauled a months
worth of recycling, and a months worth of
trash, on two separate runs. Only needed
one run in the car. But the car would
have taken more than the 300 Wh total!

Did a 150 mile ride yesterday. Check out
CA readings.

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At 130 pounds, with a 74 inch wheelbase,
2500 watts max on tap, it feels like
riding a
GoldWing. Bumps, wind, and hills are
noticed, as I pedal along enjoying the
scenery. My older electric assist feels
more like a bicycle. This one feels like
moped, you can actually pedal.

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