Big chain - same size as motorcycles, World's only chain-drive Ego Cycle-2World's only chain-drive Ego Cycle-2 elWorld's only chain-drive Ego Cycle-2 elWorld's only chain-drive Ego Cycle-2 el
OwnerRob Matthies
Owner's Other EVs1982 GMC S-15 Sierra
1999 Montague-Currie ebike
MODIFIED 2010 Electric Motorsport Native Z-6
LocationVancouver, British Columbia Canada map
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Vehicle2002 Ego Cycle-2
** STOLEN -- AUGUST 2012 **

Ego-II electric scooters, highly modified & improved
DrivetrainRPM-reduction jackshaft, one Ego still on toothed belt and plastic (wears quickly unless treated) pulley, the other on #40 chain and steel sprockets
Batteries2, 12.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, AGM
Revived batteries on it now. Most Ego-II's require new batteries after 300 cycles or six months. My first pack went over 2,000 cycles and lasted 3 years. Swapped used (and twice, new) batteries frequently to see how they work, and discovered that the motor had worn brushes that decreased the range at one point. For Ego-II owners, here's a warning: Lead contamination may get into hands from touching battery terminals.

System Voltage24 Volts
The factory charger died 1 week after the warranty period ended. Soneils used mainly. However, imho the latest version of Soneil chargers are unreliable. The old models were good, but not the current models. I also have a Samlex 15A charger that I'd like to sell -- any buyers?
Top Speed25 MPH (40 KPH)
Faster than the stock Ego-II's after the chain drive went in. There are some five different Ego Cycle 2 motors, and I understand that the newest ones are more powerful. You have to do something to the motor to keep them cooler. (One of several mods I did.)
AccelerationHead-snapping .. for a bike. Very smooth. The older model had a full-grip throttle. The newest ones are 1/2 grip, I'm told.
Range8 Miles (12 Kilometers)
Modded Ego: Only 8 miles at top speed mode, as the motor is no longer at its sweet spot, RPM-wise, on the acceleration curve, and I'm pulling a trailer that isn't aerodynamic at all.

Stock Ego electric scooter: The blue stock Ego gets 12-14 miles in stop/go, hilly rides, in fast mode, and over 20 miles in Go Far mode. (Don't believe the factory blurb, check out reviews for the Ego-II electric scooter that were written by actual owners instead.) There is more than one review by a retailer that I don't believe.
Curb Weight155 Pounds (70 Kilograms)
TiresKevlar BMX are best, so far.
Conversion CostNothing. Yes, this electric scooter is "free" imho. Saves me $10,000 a year compared to driving a gasoline car. The trailer lugs 150 lbs. of groceries, and has more cargo space than a Smart Car's, imho.
Additional FeaturesThe Air Zounds II air horn (old model, not the new "Delta" model which isn't effective imho.)

The original Ego-II manager didn't honor his promises, which forced me to find a way to make this machine last more than 30 miles in the Wet Coast. Lots of mods and fixes. Now, with the changes made, it works reliably in regular riding of 1" puddles, in non-stop rain. Has a custom anti-aggression headlight, necessary for Vancouver's lethal traffic. Schwinn's noseless saddle and the new 4" travel suspension seatpost, and downhill inner tubes for the tires (flat-proofing) make for worry-free riding.

Rode it so much that the red Ego's rear rim was worn by brake pads, and needed replacing. Other wear items included: Disc brake pads (oil got in there), motor brushes, motor (plastic) pulley.

Motion-sensing alarms and paging gizmos on both these e-scooters. The motion-sensor alarm went off while the blue Ego-II was inside a Canadian Tire store, plugged into an outlet. The perpetrator left quickly. The pager alerted me to the incident.

The Callaghan trailer saves my life imho while it "trains" automobile drivers to avoid me. Also the Air Zounds airhorn, although the older version's pitch was more effective than the current "Delta" version.


IMPORTANT NOTE: How long do revived batteries last for electric vehicles? We've been reviving batteries for ebikes and escooters for three years, and transferred our knowledge to a 4-wheeled EV, the pickup truck. One the red Ego-II, I got 3 years' use of a single set of batteries whereas most Ego-II owners (who used them daily) got only 6 months. As you can see from the links above, we've given away thousands of dollars worth of revived batteries for disability scooters, years ago, at four locations in greater Vancouver.

COST COMPARISON: Usually, my out-of-pocket cost for a revived battery for EV's was almost nothing, just the cost of chasing them down, and picking them up. How long do revived batteries last? That depends on the suitability of the battery charger and how I charge the batteries. If the charger is suitably programmed, and used properly, the battery can be revived 5x-6x, according to my experience with my Currie and Ego ebikes. (Some battery chargers are bad for batteries, especially when they are out-of-spec, from vibration, and being dropped. One effect of a bad/unsuitable charger is a ballooned-battery, as seen on Merida and Raylight ebikes.)

If you need information on how to make your Ego Cycle 2 electric scooter run like a Sherman Tank, phone me in Vancouver. I am a consultant for ebikes and escooters, too. I know how to make those Ego plastic pulleys last much longer.

- Rob Matthies
I'm just a kid on a bike, not sweating. In summary, (as my review) once you've done the mods to the Ego Cycle 2 bike/scooter, you've got a 10-year machine, with only brushes to replace every 3-4 years. Excellent handling, balance, braking, speed (to 25MPH) and manueverability.

"Stock" from the factory, not suitable for steep hills, as the motor gets too hot, unless the newer versions are different from this vintage.

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