Thudersky (now Winston) LIFEPO4 expanded
OwnerRob Matthies
Owner's Other EVs1982 GMC S-15 Sierra
2002 Ego Cycle-2
1999 Montague-Currie ebike
LocationVancouver, British Columbia Canada map
Web/EmailWebPage email image
Vehicle2010 Native Z-6 (now Z-6000)
** STOLEN - AUGUST 2012 **

.. with less than 1000 miles on the odometer

Faulty Native Z-6 (now Z-6000) Made Better - 35-Minute SLA battery charging proven.

The Electric Motorsport Z-6 served only as a platform for a successful fast-charge SLA experiment.

This customized scooter was stolen just before my group could complete an informative video on how high-discharge rate Hawker Genesis batteries coupled with >1C rate battery charger worked well enough to declare the experiment a success, which should be copied and implemented by ALL electric scooterists.

Batteries0.00 Volt,
Originally Thundersky LIFEPO4 replaced with high-discharge Hawker Genesis which MUST be charged at > 1C.
Customizable charge profile marine battery charger, set for AGM charging.
Conversion TimeAn estimated 200 hours of our group's time.
Conversion Cost$4,500 after all the failed components (brakes, BMS, LIFEPO4 batteries, battery charger, battery storage sections, etc.) were replaced and this Native Z-6 was customized.
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In my view, this customized scooter shows that electric vehicles can be practical (i.e. fast charged) without having to resort to expensive and more-dangerous Lithium chemistry batteries.

This is a successful 35-Minute SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) battery charge breakthrough proof of implementation, as the video shows. The customized scooter has been used for almost 1,000 miles (1,600 kilometers) with no discernable degredation of the 17AH Hawker Genesis batteries which were being charged at >1C.

It is unfortunate that this electric scooter (along with two other electric 'cycles) were stolen before our "conclusion" video documentary could be made.

There are other "old timer's" electrical tricks in this, and the other 'cycles. (e.g. how the Ego-II electric scooter lasted nearly 10 years of use on only 2 sets of batteries). Informative videos on the Ego-II has (fortunately) been posted on video sharing sites.

Also, informative videos on the Currie-Montague electric bike conversion to a solar powered bicycle have also been posted on video sharing sites.

The original EMS Z-6 scooter chassis had a great ride, but only after an expert Japanese mechanic tuned the shocks. The ride quality is excellent. The EMS Z-6 electric motor did not heat up during use, which was a good sign of its efficiency. However, we were told that the brushes would only last about 4K miles before needing replacement. Overall, the drivetrain [chain] was not as efficient as a hub motor would have been.

In our opinion, the combination of Hawker-Genesis batteries and a "non-cogging" Taiwan-made hub motor would be revolutionary city electric scooter --- fast charging would make it a practical vehicle for city touring, as outlets are everywhere.

Unfortunately, however, this system would not work for cars, due to the minimum 1C charge rate for the Hawkers. (You won't find affordable chargers or electric outlets with the necessary amperage, for bigger vehicles.)

BTW, the EMS Z-6 chassis is a "Tiger" brand scooter from Thailand.

TO PREVENT THEFT of any scooter or bike, I have found that only a motion-sensor alarm coupled with a transmitter-pager works in real life. "Only the paranoid survive" -- Andy Grove, CEO of Intel, the chip-maker.

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