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OwnerMalcolm Faed
Owner's Other EVSelf Balancing Scooter
LocationCollaroy Plateau, Sydney, New South Wales Australia map
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Vehicle1992 Toyota Hilux / Tacoma 2WD
Toyota Hilux (Tacoma) Ute / Pickup.
1992 Tray back. 3 phase industrial AC.
ASEA 15kw Motor.

Australia's first, registered industrial AC,
EV conversion.

This vehicle is now sold.
MotorAsea Brown Boveri ASEA 3 phase 15kw 3-Phase AC
ASEA 3 phase 15kw
Delta wound (prefer star)
415 volt
4 pole.
DrivetrainDirect drive on drive shaft.
5.125 Differential.
ControllerDanfoss Danfoss 5042
Danfoss industrial variable speed
Batteries50 Greensaver 20Ah. SP20-12, 12.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, AGM
20Ah Greensaver EV batteries. According
to the specs, the 20Ah unit has a very
low Peukert factor. total of 12kWh.
System Voltage600 Volts
Charger 48 volt 2.5A chargers
12 48 volt, 2.5A chargers and one 24
volt 2.5A charger.
HeaterPTC heater core in air vents.
DC/DC Converter 2 x 12 volt 25A switch mode power supplies.
12 volt 25A switch mode power supplies.
Powered from +300 and -300 volts.
Modified to supply 13.8V.
Internal bleed resistor need to be

InstrumentationStandard electronic speedo. Controlled
from motor controller.
Tacho displays torque.
Voltage meter on controller display.
Top Speed50 MPH (80 KPH)
Theoretical top speed of 51 MPH using
low ratio (5.125:1) differential from
Toyota Hiace Van.
AccelerationVery good. I could even increase the
diff ration back to 4.11 for less
acceleration and higher top speed.
Range25 Miles (40 Kilometers)
Maximum range of 40km
Watt Hours/Mile385 Wh/Mile
241 Wh/km. This is in a very hilly
EV Miles
Start:206,565 Miles (332,363 Kilometers)
Current:209,530 Miles (337,133 Kilometers)
Total:2,965 Miles (4,770 Kilometers)
Seating Capacity2 adults, 2 kids.
Curb Weight3,417 Pounds (1,553 Kilograms)
Before conversion 1250kg
After conversion 1550kg
TiresLight truck.
Conversion Time10 months.
Conversion Costest $14000 AUD including vehicle
certification and registration.
The regeneration charges about 10% back to the battery.

"As for c, that is the speed of light in vacuum, and if
you ask why c, the answer is that it is the initial
letter of celeritas, the Latin word meaning speed."
Isaac Asimov in "C for Celeritas (1959)"

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