OwnerLeonam Rubim
LocationCariacica, Espirito Santo Brazil map
Web/EmailWebPage email image
Vehicle1972 Volkswagen Beetle
Original Fusca 1300L / Electric AC Motor 7.5 HP
Motor 7.5 HP 220 VCA 3-Phase AC
7.5 HP / 5.5 KW VOLTAGE 220 VAC variable frequency drive
Controller DELTA VFDB
10 HP / 7.5 KW 220 VCA 0..400 HZ

High efficiency vector frequency inverter
BatteriesDelco FREEDOM DF-700, 12.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, AGM
in series
Charger Homebuilt three stage
Continuous current, continuous voltage, float voltage, for 8 hours.
HeaterThe motor is air cooled, with one fan for low speed. When the vehicle is at high speed it has a natural air flow for cooling the motor.
DC/DC ConverterMeanwell
Input 250 - 375 VDC
Output 12 AND 24 Volts
InstrumentationWith a PLC (programmable logic controller)and HMI (human machine interface), we made ll instruments to monitor the EV, and in other screen of the HMI we have the information on frequency inverter, like current, output frequency, output n.m, output voltage and batteries voltage. We made the communication behind the HMI - PLC - frequency inverter in modbus 485 protocol.
Top Speed63 MPH (101 KPH)
The principal characteristic of this model is autonomy, and we developed this model for city use, with a biggest advantage of zero emission of co2 and others gases.
AccelerationWe kept the original transmission, to show the efficiency of the frequency inverter, and our acceleration is 0 - 40 mph is 17 seconds.
Range72 Miles (115 Kilometers)
With our battery pack our autonomy is low, if we had lithium batteries, the autonomy could be more than 125 miles.
Watt Hours/Mile113 Wh/Mile
EV Miles
Start:15,889 Miles (25,565 Kilometers)
Current:17,896 Miles (28,794 Kilometers)
Total:2,007 Miles (3,229 Kilometers)
    As of 10/24/2009
Seating Capacity2 adults
Curb Weight2,535 Pounds (1,152 Kilograms)
with 661 lbs for batteries and 1874 lbs for the vehicle
TiresFirestone 5.90/14
Conversion TimeWe made this vehicle as a final student project in electric engineering. The students built the complete project in a year and a half.

Team Members:
Evandro Laurett
Geneses Gimenes Dias
Leonam de Oliveira Rubim
Matheus Barbirato Moreira
Conversion CostThe total cost of this project including the price of vehicle was 1.400 reais (Brazil coin), same as $9,700 US dollars.

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