Xebra DashAdded InstrumentationAdditional BatteriesJ1772 AdapterPublic J1772 Charging
OwnerJohn Warobiew
Owner's Other EVs1983 Volkswagen Rabbit GTI
1993 CityCom CityEl
1993 Ford Ranger Pickup
2000 Corbin Sparrow
1975 Zagato Elcar (Zele)
1972 Bond Bug
1980 Aquila
2008 Zap Xebra Hatchback
2000 Kawasaki Ninja EV
2011 Th!nk City
LocationVacaville, California United States map
Vehicle2008 Zap Xebra Sedan
3-wheeled electric vehicle with all
fiberglass body.
MotorZAP Zibo Boshan Super Motor Series Wound DC
5kW (7HP)
DrivetrainSingle-speed 4:1 ratio gearbox &
ControllerCurtis 1231C-8601
96-144 VDC, 500 Amps
Batteries8 East Penn 8A31DT, 12.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, AGM
DEKA Group 31, rated 105 Ah, with 5/16
inch threaded studs.
System Voltage96 Volts
ChargerElcon PFC 2500
AC Input Voltage range: 90-260 VAC
DC Output Current: 22 Amps @ 230 VAC input
or 12 Amps @ 115 VAC input.
DC/DC Converter ZAP HZB-6
Stock Zap - 30 Amp output.
InstrumentationPakTrakr and Xantrex LinkPro.
The PakTrakr shows the balance of the
individual batteries & the LinkPro shows
Amp-hours used & remaining SOC percent.
Top Speed47 MPH (75 KPH)
Verified with a GPS. The inaccurate
Chinese speedometer reads higher speeds
than actual.
AccelerationMuch better now that the pack is 96V.
Keeps up easily with normal traffic flow.
Handles hills without slowing at all.
Range22 Miles (35 Kilometers)
My daily trip to work & back is 11.6 miles
with an average of 24 Ahr used per trip.
Watt Hours/Mile205 Wh/Mile
The best 5.8 mile trip used only 172
Whr/mile. Most of the stop lights were
green! The average over 2400 miles
driven so far is 205 Whr/mile.
EV Miles
Start:4,130 Miles (6,645 Kilometers)
Current:6,944 Miles (11,172 Kilometers)
Total:2,814 Miles (4,527 Kilometers)
Seating Capacity2 Adults. The rear bench seat is now
used for groceries, not passengers,
because of the two additional batteries on
the rear floor.
Curb Weight1,900 Pounds (863 Kilograms)
Tires145R12 - Only three!
Conversion Time3 months
Additional FeaturesThe stock EV was 72 volts with a 35 mph top speed. Two
batteries were added to bring the pack voltage to 96V for
better acceleration & 47 mph top speed.

The stock Curtis EVC255 controller was replaced with a
Curtis 1231C. All the undersized stock battery pack
wires were replaced with 1/0 gauge welding cables.

The stock 72V Delta-Q charger was replaced with a 96V
Elcon PFC-2500. This allows a normal 12 Amp charging
rate from 120 VAC or a 22 Amp fast charging from 240 VAC.
It also allows free charging around town at any of the
seven Vacaville public charging stations using my J1772
Because it has 3 wheels it is registered as a fully
street legal motorcycle in California. It is NOT
considered an NEV or LSV.

Even though the DMV registers it as a motorcycle, no
helmet is required because it is enclosed.

Insured with with State Farm.

This is my daily commuter vehicle to work.

Update: Costco in Vacaville has REMOVED their EV charging
stations! I will be shopping elsewhere.

This fun vehicle has been SOLD.

code by jerry