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OwnerSteve Boser
Owner's Other EVse bike v1.5
2009 Tidalforce S-750
2006 Actionbent E-Jetstream
1980 Worksman Adaptable
2010 KMX Cobra Tadpole recumbent
2003 Giant Revive conversion
e bike v1.55
LocationAloha, Oregon United States map
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Vehicle2010 KMX Cobra
This is my KMX Cobra modified in a Quad configuration. I built this as a base quickly adapt different motor designs without having to redesign the vehicle for each motor.
Motor ebikekit / Nine continent hub motor Brushless DC
Standard front ebikekit.com unspoked brushless hub motor, running "Stokemonkey" style
DrivetrainCurrently It is using a Nine Continent front hub motor from EBikekit, a custom made sprocket is attached to the disk brake screw holes on the left side of the motor and chain drives the left wheel thru a single speed freewheel. An additional 5 speed cassette allows for pedal power to be applied. Both systems are independent and either or both can work at the same time
Controller Standard Nine Continent 22 amp 36V
Currently running NC 22amp limited, I have a Lyons 12fet custom controller to be installed
Batteries160 Sony 18650V, 36.00 Volt,
These cells were removed from new 36v bosch tool packs, each pack contains 20 cells wired 10s2p with 8 packs total in two padded cases
System Voltage36 Volts
Charger 2 Bosch 36 volt tool pack chargers
I charge 4 tool packs at a time, the Bosch charger will not produce enough current to charge more than 4 tool packs at once
InstrumentationPlanet bike computer and Turnigy Watt meter
Top Speed20 MPH (32 KPH)
According to the state of Oregon the top speed on an ebike is 20mph
Accelerationdepending on gearing, voltage and current limiting, the acceleration and top speed can be tailored to the application, i.e. hill climbing, flat terrain or distance
Range30 Miles (48 Kilometers)
See speed section above
Seating Capacity1
TiresKenda 20" in front, Currently 24" in the rear. Looking to replace rear wheels with 20" in the future
Conversion TimeProcess has been in work for 12 months, this vehicle was specifically built to test motors, controllers and batteries. It will never be completed
Conversion Costest. 2500
As stated above this vehicle was purchased and built to be a test mule for various projects, I've designed and implemented this KMX Cobra for quick change for motors, controllers and batteries, Even the quad feature can be removed and returned to stock tadpole configuration within 1 hours time.
A larger scale project I would like to build is a solar array to mount on the bike. I have 3, 15 watt panels, still need to create the mount and a suitable 36 volt charger.

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