S-750 First rideFront Left sideFrontMotor DetailWiring Detail
OwnerSteve Boser
Owner's Other EVse bike v1.5
2006 Actionbent E-Jetstream
1980 Worksman Adaptable
2010 KMX Cobra Tadpole recumbent
2003 Giant Revive conversion
e bike v1.55
2010 KMX Cobra Recumbent Quad
LocationAloha, Oregon United States map
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Vehicle2009 Tidalforce S-750 frameset
E-Bike specific Aluminum frame. Maxxis Hookworm 26 x 2.5" tires. Odyssey Twisted Pro Pedals, Shimano Altus 7 Spd Shift/Brake Levers. Shimano 7 speed cassette
MotorCrystalyte 408/411 Brushless DC
Crystalite 408/4011 tapped winding Hubmotor 26 inch 25mm double walled rim w/ 12 gauge spokes
DrivetrainConventional 3x7 Shimano chaindrive w/ Odyssey pedals to human interface
ControllerCrystalyte dual speed controller
36V-72V 20A dual speed controller (immediate start)
Batteries12 Bosch Fat Pack, 36.00 Volt, Lithium-Ion
Returned the Ebikekit battery after found the BMS cutoff to be 36V and providing 7.6 Ah. Replaced pack with Bosch Fat Packs allowing me to scale the packs for weight vs range.
System Voltage36 Volts
Charger bosch 36 volt charger
Factory charger
InstrumentationE3 F8 Cycle Computer wired and a Mio CX310 GPS
Watts up meter and CBA II to monitor battery health
Top Speed22 MPH (35 KPH)
Total of 30 miles on the bike, nice riding smooth shifting, well made frame and good choice of components. Hookworm tires absorb the road like a Cadillac
AccelerationSmooth even, not a racer but definitely able to pull at a safe speed
Range20 Miles (32 Kilometers)
The Bosch Litheon packs get better with charge discharge cycles, I'm expecting somewhere around 50 cycles each pack will be at optimum capacity
EV Miles
Current:33 Miles (53 Kilometers)
    As of 10/16/2009
Seating Capacity1 adult
TiresMaxxis Hookworm 26 X 2.5
Conversion Time1 Month
Conversion Cost$1250
Eventually plan on replacing the hub motor with a Nine Continent model.

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