Owner's Other EVsPeugeot Partner Electric
1996 Twike TW084
1999 Semca Fun Elec
1995 Ligier Optima
1998 Renault Clio electrique
1991 City EL
1974 Kynast EMO 374
1994 Puli 2E
1996 Renault Clio Electrique
2007 EVT 168 Retroscooter
2004 Th!nk City PIV4
2008 Think City
LocationHuertgenwald, North Rhine-Westphalia Germany map
Vehicle1999 Peugeot
Original Peugeot Electric Scooter. In my opinion one of the the reliablest e-Scooters ever.
MotorSchabmuller Separately Excited DC
Batteries3 Saft STM5-100, 6.00 Volt, Nickel-Cadmium, Flooded
System Voltage18 Volts
Charger Rectifier 22,5V/38Ah
Have 2 of these and a Bosch 24V/6Ah for trickle charge.
Original Optelec is blown as always. It gets too hot by far.
InstrumentationI have a TEP 96 for Parameters.
Top Speed30 MPH (48 KPH)
Range25 Miles (40 Kilometers)
Curb Weight0
39 kg

code by jerry